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There are many surrounding towns which are interesting places to visit. Valencia VIP only work with people that live in those areas of interest and who can really give an experts view to what goes on with that location.

Guided Visits Around Valencia, we have organized some routes for families or little groups who want to enjoy this aspect that complements the beautiful city.


If you are interested in some other places,

please contact us, We'll be glad to plan an exclusive route, following the indications of our local experts.

LA ALBUFERA   -  Complete day with lunch
La Albufera
Exit by car towards the Albufera Natural Park, which constitutes a paradise for the migratory birds and a leisure area for inhabitants of the big city and the towns around it.
Next to the Albufera is the Dehesa del Saler, an area of more than 10 km by the sea, full of dunes and pines, where some flora exclusive from the Comunidad Valenciana grow.

The coastal area next to the Albufera is characterized by long sand beaches: el Saler, El Perellonet, El Perelló, Les Palmeretes, Motilla, Mareny de Barraquetes, Vega del Mar y Mareny de Vilxes, and they constitute leisure areas to enjoy the sun and the sea in a tourist zone specially busy in summer.
In this beautiful environment is El Palmar, where we will take a ride on a little boat. After this, we will eat a delicious paella, in one of the restaurants of that town.
After the meal, we wil go back to the exit place.

GANDÍA:   -  The splendor of the Borja family
Gandía Beach

Of iberian origin, Gandía was renowned in the fifteen century for its courly life thanks to Juan de Borja, second duke of Gandía. This city owes to this century most of its cultural heritage, which we will discover walking around the old part: the Colegiata de Santa María, the Duke's Palace, Saint Mark Hospital, the Clarisas Nuns Convent, and the City Hall. On the outskirts, it is worth a visit to the Bayren Castle and the Alquería del Duc. Gandía is, besides, origin of the fideuà.

Book now and take a relaxing tour of the Gandia area, Our driver is a local resident who can tell you about the area. Enjoy a meal at a local restaurant and get a feel for this lovely traditional Valencian town.

SAGUNTO:   -  Between the Calderona Range and the Mediterranean Sea.
Wall of Sagunto
  Called Arse in its iberian origins, Saguntum with the romans, Murtiver with the arabs and Christian Morvedre, traces of its old splendour are still visible in the castle, the remains of the temple of Diana, the gothic churches of Santa María and Salvador, the old jewish part and the main entrance door (Portal de la Sang), the Sangre hermit, the City Hall, the Bishop's House, the door of the Mayor Square and the old Almudín. And above all, the roman theatre, which holds music, dance and theatre festivals in summer, with the presence of renowned artists of international fame.

Book now and take a relaxing tour of the Sagunto area, Our driver is a local resident who can tell you about the area. Enjoy a meal at a local restaurant and get a feel for this lovely traditional Valencian town.

XÁTIVA:   -  The Papal city.
Fair of Xátiva
  You will visit the Seu (the cathedral), the churches of San Félix and San Pere, the Royal Hospital, the palaces of the Marqués de Montortal and Alarcó, the city fountains and its huge castle, the result of the combination of two fortresses, iberian one and roman the other. Those who like sweets, shouldn't leave Xàtiva without tasting the Arnadí, a special dessert made in the city which was traditionally prepared in Lent.

Book now and take a relaxing tour of the Xátiva area, Our driver is a local resident who can tell you about the area. Enjoy a meal at a local restaurant and get a feel for this lovely traditional Valencian town.

CHIVA:   -  Complete day with lunch
Take a tour of Chiva and discover this historic town, situated due west of Valencia just off the A3 and only 20 mins from the centre of the city. Surrounded by the scenic mountains “Sierra de los Bosques” This area dates back to the 16th Century, and there are remains of the ancient Castle “La Lloma del Castillo” and the beautiful church “Ermita Virgin del Castillo”.

Chiva offers a wide range of property ranging from traditional town houses, new build urbanization's and sprawling country houses. We can offer introductions to all local estate agents and help you find a suitable property within your budget. Explore the Cultural Centre and learn the history of this town, visit the Castle, or the Bull ring and take advantage of the local English Centre and learn Spanish at your leisure. Visit in mid August and come to the unique Valencian Torico bull run festival.

Chiva has a traditional Spanish market every Friday, and also has all your normal high street facilities, banks and post office etc. There is an excellent medical centre, and there are 3 good primary schools and a secondary school (Chiva Institute). Chiva has a main line over ground rail link to the center of Valencia City, traveling time approx 20 mins.

Book now and take a relaxing tour of the Chiva area, Our driver is a local resident who can tell you about the area. Enjoy a meal at a local restaurant and get a feel for this lovely traditional Valencian town.


Valencia is a city with lots of possibilities and different aspects. This mediterranean city has become an inexhaustible source of culture, art and fun.
At Valencia VIP, we have organized guided visits for individual persons, couples and/or families looking forward to enjoy the most interesting spots of the city,

in the morning and/or in the evening.
If you are interested in a visit or some visits for a numerous group of persons, or if you want to get away from the typical tourist routes, going further into some specific topic, please contact us,

we'll be glad to organize an exclusive route,

following the indications of our experts.


In Lladro's visit we will discover stepwise the process of creation of the sculptures Lladró. The visit starts with an audio-visual and follows with a sample of the process of real production of pieces. Also there can be admired all the creations of Lladró at the moment and a Selection of pieces of last epochs, as well as the private collection of the Lladró brothers, nowadays done Museum.

During our visit to Manises, you will visit a workshop of ceramics, where we will know as the porcelain, the process that continues up to it's production; and the Museum of Manises's ceramics, one of the more important centers of production of crockery and, undoubtedly, that of more extensive survival of Spain.

The Cathedral

The visit begins from the "Plaza de la Virgen" with an explanation of the origin of Valencia and of the most representative monuments: "Basilica of the Desamparados " and the Cathedral. Exterior of the "Palau de la Generalitat", Merchants' strap, Central Market, Palace of the Marques de Dos Aguas, headquarters of the Current National Museum of Ceramics Gonzalez Martí...

  The installation of almost the totality of the ninots reprieved across the times will make the visitor verify the evolution of the Fallas, observing from the "ninot" made with more lasting materials as the polyester. Besides we will see an audio-visual that will explain the History of the Fallas to us. The Museum of Fine Arts San Pio V, one of hte most important art galleries of Spain and that shelters Sorolla and Velazquez's works. We will see also an interesting archeological collection.
  Panoramic by car until the Port of Valencia, where you will know the details of the America's Cup and the most emblematic buildings: Building of the Clock, Dockyards.. We know the changes that Valencia is suffering and especially, the Port of Valencia; the teams who compete in the America's Cup and we will be able to realize a walk in ship for the zone that includes a tasting of "Clochinas" in order that the public lives through the prerregatas from the sea.


  This visit will explain to the tourists the architectural project of the Former riverbed of the Turia River and the new work of the Valencia Santiago Calatrava. The visit can include one, two or all three tickets to visit the City of the Arts and the Sciences, as the Hemisferic, the Oceanografic and the Museum of The Sciences Príncipe Felipe.


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