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Burning the Fallas

On the night of the 19th of March, all the Fallas are set on fire and burn to smithereens.

They start with the small ones at 23:00 and the big ones starting from midnight.

Right before the burning ritual, called La Cremá, the Falla is packed with fireworks and sprayed with gasoline.

Then, on the supreme moment, La Reina Mayor lights up the fireworks cord that leads to the centre of the ready to burn Falla. The constructions are sometimes gravity defying and yes, big chunks of burning pieces fall down accompanied with a big ooohhh! from the crowd.

But don’t worry, the experienced Valencia fire brigade takes good care and keeps the surrounding cool.

The local philharmonic band plays “Paquito el chocolatero” and everybody dances around the pile of glowing ashes that remain.

Pretty soon after the fiestas, the association meets with the artist to discuss the

Falla for next year…